Premium titanium keys! 300ZX, Skyline, Silvia, 240sx, and more... Shipped From USA Premium titanium keys! 300ZX, Skyline, Silvia, 240sx, and more...

      Titanium Keys For Your Classic Nissan Ready To Ship


      Yes! What better way to show you love your car then with functional pocket jewelry? While our first keys were cast grade 5 titanium, all current and future keys are CNC machined from solid sheets of grade 2 titanium. We have been working hard to perfect the craft of making titanium keys to deliver the most elegant, highest quality keys we possibly can… we are the original manufacturer of the 300zx style key with cut-through Nismo text!


      We have personally tested our keys to fit the R32 Skyline, Z32 300zx, as well as the S13 Silvia. The actual key design should be compatible with the ignition cylinder/door locks of other vehicles not listed. Compare the length and grooves in your key to the ones in the pictures. If in doubt, send an email to The following are vehicles that are listed by Nissan to use the same style blank:

      1980-1984 Datsun 810
      1984-1988 200SX
      1989-1991 240sx
      1984-1989 300ZX
      1989-2000 300ZX
      1982-1986 720
      1983-1990 Pulsar NX
      1982-1986 Sentra
      1990-1991 Stanza
      1989-1994 R32 Skyline
      1995-1998 R33 Skyline
      1988-1994 S13 Silvia
      1994-1998 S14 Silvia


      Key cutting machines use high speed steel/titanium nitride coated cutting wheels – they are very hard. Cutting titanium, another hard metal, can generate a lot of heat. Failure to follow the simple instructions below can cause damage to your titanium key. Following the instructions will result in a functional key and guarantee long service life for their cutting wheel!

      • Ronin Imports titanium keys needs to be cut on a MANUAL key cutting machine. No kiosks and no automatic machines.
        • Instruct your locksmith to cut your key slowly and with multiple passes on their manual machine.
        • Apply light pressure and skim over the length of the key multiple times until you have completely copied the teeth.
          • Do not cut the titanium key with the typical pressure/speed that you would use with a brass key.
        • Failure to cut slowly will create excessive heat and begin to melt your key where the cutting wheel makes contact.
        • Automatic machines can cut too fast and with too much pressure (which, again, generates excessive heat) and can damage your key.
      • After your key is cut you will need to deburr the edges before using it. The wire wheel on a typical manual key cutting machine is not enough.
        • Use either a small jewelers file or roll up a piece of sandpaper (200-320 grit) to smooth out any and all sharp edges left over from the cutting process.
        • We have a simple Youtube video showing the deburr process here:
        • If you plan on testing the key in your car immediately, bring your file/sandpaper with you!


      • If your key is being matched/cut from an extremely old and worn key, we highly recommend finding a locksmith in your area that can code cut you a new blank.
        • The locksmith will generate a “code” from your existing key and use that code to cut you a new, generic blank.
        • The code cut generic blank will then be used to duplicate the teeth onto your new titanium key using the manual cutting machine.


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