NIStune PLMS Consult Cable

NIStune PLMS Consult Cable


The cables connect between the USB port of a laptop and the Consult Port of Nissan vehicles. There’s a small circuit board close to the Consult port which converts the data.

The design has been tested on a list of vehicles which is always growing. As a rule, if your car has the grey Consult connector (you’ll usually find it below the steering wheel or near the fusebox in the driver’s kick panel) and was built between 1990 – 2000 then it will work. Some cars that missed out were the A31 Cefiro RB20 and anything with a CA18. These vehicles do NOT use the Consult system.

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Nissan Consult cable designed and created by PLMS Developments. These are the only recommended consult cable to be used with NIStune.

While other consult cables may work, this cable has been extensively tested and modified to be the best consult cable that money can buy. Cheap cables can drop connection and present problems when using the NIStune software to tune your vehicle.

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The NIStune PLMS consult cable is not required for the NIStune type 1 board.

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