About Us

Veteran Owned And Operated

We are a couple of veterans with a passion for everything automotive. We are driven by the cars, by the community, and by you, the enthusiast. We have taken the slogan we were taught in basic training to heart and embodied that into how we handle our business; with great integrity, impeccable service, and a strive to be as excellent as possible.

If you took the time to come read this about us section and you are military/prior military, reach out for a coupon code!

Jon @ Ronin Imports
Import Parts Sage

Jonathan started as a hobby mechanic working to tear up the pavement in his 700hp Ford Cobra. He soon moved on to bigger and better things by doing mission critical maintenance on aircraft in the United States Air Force. He found himself in Japan with a new found love for Japanese cars when he purchased his first Nissan R32 GTR.

Besides hanging out with Japanese women at Tokyo Auto Salon (pictured), he spends his free time enjoying automotive related hobbies. Jonathan heads up the location, inspection, and sales of the majority of Ronin Imports parts.

Japanese Classic Cars, Wheels, and Titanium

Ronin Imports started out primarily importing Japanese classic cars and three piece wheels. Why? The answer is simple: the Japanese have long been producing desirable vehicles and quality three piece forged wheels that were never brought to Western shores. 

Since starting Ronin Import we have downscaled to less frequent imports due to Covid induced difficulties and shifted our focus to titanium and parts designing/manufacturing.

Zack @ Ronin Imports
Project Mastermind

Zack also started as a hobby mechanic and quickly advanced his skills to include metal fabrication and custom ECU tuning. After working professionally with automotive enhancement, he too moved on to doing mission critical maintenance on aircraft in the United States Air Force. Once he got a taste of Daikoku car shows he ended up with his first Skyline shortly after.

If he isn’t working with electronics or fabricating custom parts, he wears his sumo costume (pictured) to scare away rust during inspections. His expertise puts him in a position to work on custom projects as well as the location and inspection of parts and vehicles.